Why Us


“In Office” Services

ICLO package includes the variety of legal services offered to our clients in our main office in Abu Dhabi and in our Representative Branch in Al Ain. Our team receives our clients and proceeds according to an established work flow system including collection and summarize of facts, interest conflict verification, legal plan elaboration, approval of the client’s interest’s safest Plan.

The appointed team follows up on the different stages of the case and updates the client regularly on the developments. This approach reflects our strategic choice to build with our clients a life time partnership backed by values and managing lasting expectation through a quality legal advice that makes a difference in short, medium and long term.

“On Site” Services

The International Consultant Law Office opted for a flexible services deliverance approach to meet the tempo and expectations of the business community. Thus, we offer to our clients “On Site” services that includes displacement of the consultant to client’s venue. This package includes practical legal services that vary from escorting, to single task fulfillment, regular periodic visits and implementation of an embedded legal department shaped according to needs and agreed timeline.

“Connected” Services

Digital platforms are an important recipient to transfer the legal information through a smart combination of precision and rapidity by surpassing the time/space restrictions. That’s why we consider our digital services as an integrated part of our global legal offer along with “In Office” services and “On Site” Services. This modern numeric remote system includes digital consultations reception and video conference interactions with our clients, on multilingual bases and in accordance with our slogan “The advice that makes the difference.

“Paralegal” Services

Our aim is to help our clients to save money and time through a one-stop-law-office-concept as inspired by a practical approach of delivering a comprehensive package of complementary legal and paralegal services to our clients. In view of that, we provide a variety of paralegal services such as translation, certification, registration services and complementary services such as administrative, financial and economic services.

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