The Serious Side of Sport

Established in 2014, our Sports Law practice grew directly out of the growing importance of sport in the Middle East region. Demand from clients led to the establishment of a dedicated resource focused on the very specific needs of this emerging sector.

The Sports Law team actively represents key clients in matters relating to sports such as:

Horse racing
Motor racing

Areas of Expertise

We have extensive experience dealing with all aspects of law relating to sporting matters, including :

Alternative Dispute Resolutions
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Representing sporting bodies; football clubs; sports clubs; players & athletes and other sports-related clients before various national sports dispute resolution bodies

Sports Events and Venue Management
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Advising on all legal aspects of bidding; execution and commercial optimization of major events from bidding application & management through to ticketing, stadiums & sports facilities

Stakeholders and Commercial Relationships
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Players’ contracts, coaches’ contracts; sports clubs, sports associations and governing bodies; disciplinary issues, doping; sponsors, media & social media

Sport, Team, Player and Event Sponsorship
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Acting for right holders, event managers, athletes and organizations who commit significant resources to this crucial aspect of marketing

Brand Protection and Management
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Merchandising and other licensing arrangements; merchandise distribution and sale arrangements; anti-ambush marketing and anti-counterfeiting strategies and enforcement

Broadcast Agreements
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Television, radio, mobile phone and online control production, distribution management and exploitation related to sports competitions

Notable Achievements

Our team has been involved in a broad range of sports-related matters, and has achieved many significant successes:
  • Collaborating with Deloitte in providing various management services and products to football clubs and other sports entities

  • Extensive support to local and international players in the negotiation and conclusion of their professional contracts

  • Acting as the legal advisor for various football clubs in the GCC

  • Assisting Abu Dhabi Sports Council in hosting world-class sports tournaments in Abu Dhabi

  • Assisting the Pro League Committee in various matters (including the drafting of regulations and legal representations)

  • Advising the Emirates Sports Arbitration Center in relation to drafting the Procedural Rules

  • Representation before the Appeal Committee at the Emirates Racing Authority

  • Advising the Saudi Arabian Football Federation on drafting the new Statute for the Saudi Arabian Football Federation

  • Active legal representations for both football clubs and players in various disputes before national judicial bodies (FIFA, DRC and CAS)

  • Acting as counsel for a world-class advertising agency in negotiating, drafting and amending an agreement with a professional national football team

  • Participating a Technical Committee in producing the draft Federal Sports Law in the UAE