A Happy History

At ICLO, we are delighted to have assisted so many individuals, businesses and organizations resolve legal matters and achieve their goals.

There are too many success stories for us to include on a single page, but here are some of our favorite moments from our company history.
  • Real Estate: Reviewing the Decision No. 11 of the year 2014 issued by the Department of Municipal Affairs (DMA) related to the Lease Contract in Abu Dhabi
  • Administrative Law: Reviewing the New Abu Dhabi Human Resources Law Draft
  • Administrative Law: Advising on the legal conditions for Abu Dhabi Government Employees to Act as Experts in Abu Dhabi Courts as Arbitrators
  • Arbitration: Objecting successfully on the Jurisdictional competence of the International Arbitration Court of the ICC (Paris) regarding arbitration between two local construction developers.
  • Arbitration: Advising on the first arbitration of the Abu Dhabi Center for Commercial Conciliation and Arbitration (ADCCAC), to be held outside the United Arab Emirates (in London) for the first time since its establishment in 1993.
  • labor law: Representing a group of international employees whose contracts have been terminated by an international bank based in Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC).
  • International Federation of Engineering Consulting Contracts Winning an important construction case in Abu Dhabi courts, which resulted in compensation of 8 million dirhams.
  • Information Technology Advising a local IT company on setting up a branch in India to develop smart applications.
  • international contracts Assisting a branch of a Gulf company based in the United Arab Emirates regarding a contract with a contracting party based in Monaco
  • international contracts Advising local clients on an energy contract case with a Mexican company.
  • Intellectual property Providing advice to the Saudi Equipment Company in registering its trademark in the UAE (after the objection of one of the largest oil companies in the world).
  • international protocols Review of more than 30 bilingual cooperation protocols signed by the municipalities of Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Al Dhafra.
  • investment Reviewing a joint investment contract between a local company and an Italian investor to establish a high-end restaurant in Abu Dhabi.
  • International Acquisition Advising a local company on the acquisition of a Greek IT company.
  • Legislative provisions Drafting the executive regulations for the first law of property confiscation in the United Arab Emirates for the Government of Abu Dhabi.
  • Legislative provisions Review the draft law on combating commercial fraud in the UAE.
  • Oil and Gas Law Advising a local company in a dispute with an international Italian oil company (regarding a contract executed in Algeria).
  • Policies Drafting a presentation on the rent index in Abu Dhabi based on comparison with best practices in several foreign countries.
  • Policies Providing advice to the Department of Municipal Affairs in Abu Dhabi regarding the allocation of land in Abu Dhabi for economic development projects.
  • Regulation Providing advice on measuring compliance with real estate regulation laws in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.
  • Regulations Providing advice on the new construction law in Abu Dhabi, which regulates the introduction of artificial intelligence in the construction of buildings.
  • Lawsuits Our client provided a public organization with advanced automated parking solutions for the authority, but the contract was terminated early, and the Abu Dhabi Court ruled in favor of our client and provided him with fair compensation.
  • Arbitration: We helped an Indian IT company to enforce an arbitration award issued by the International Chamber of Commerce within the UAE.
  • Drafting Providing advice to the Department of Urban Planning and Municipalities in Abu Dhabi on the laws regulating the implementation of the Smart Construction Committee.
  • foundation Establishing a branch of a company in the Abu Dhabi Global Market of a leading French group working in the field of defense.
  • Cryptocurrencies Providing an advisory opinion regarding the licensing of the cryptocurrency exchange in the UAE market.
  • civil law Our office won an important case regarding the allotment of land allocated to citizens in Abu Dhabi.

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