Legislative Drafting

Our expertise includes drafting and reviewing federal and local laws and regulations in different fields such as construction law, real estate law, expropriation law, anti-commercial fraud and public service law.

We also advised on the implementation of the first compliance policy in relation to real estate regulations in Abu Dhabi.

Our achievements

2013 – Reviewing - Anti Commercial Fraud Law Federal Law – promulgated in 2016 as Law No. 19 of 2016.

2014 - Drafting – Local Policy - Rent Index.

2015 - Reviewing - International Conventions – Reviewing 30 Cooperation Agreement, MoUs and Conventions signed between Abu Dhabi Department of Municipal Affairs and sister entities worldwide.

2016 – Drafting - Executive Regulation - Executive Council Resolution no (37) of 2015 concerning the promulgation of the Executive Regulation of the Law no (11) of 2013 regulating the Expropriation.

2017 - Drafting – Compliance - Compliance Rules of the Law no Law No. 3 of 2015 on the Regulation of Real Estate Sector in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and its Executive Regulations.

2017 – Reviewing –   Administrative Resolution no (267) of 2014 regarding the standard Long Term Lease Contract in Abu Dhabi.

2018 – Reviewing – Law – Law (1) of 2011 Regulating of the occupancy of residential units and the use of real estate.

2018 – Drafting – Law – New Construction Law expected to replace the Law no (4) of 1983 regulation Construction Works in Abu Dhabi.

2018 – Drafting – Executive Regulation - New Executive Regulation of the New Construction Law expected to replace the Executive Regulation no (182) of 2017.