What Sets ICLO Apart

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Why we are different

ICLO is a non-traditional law firm. We are a team of specialists, “special” in our own way with unique personalities within our team that blend together in perfection when brought together, complementing each other’s experience, boosting the ICLO practice so we can service clients better and bring through fortified and creative solutions for client predicaments in an efficient manner.

ICLO takes a special interest in each client’s matter and a client is allocated a whole team to work for them regardless of how big or small their matter is, and this wholesome support is why clients love working with ICLO.  

What makes our team special?

Our lawyers are NOT your stereotypical lawyers seated behind laptops in a non-conversant, sterile environment. ICLO is colourful, dynamic and has an enthusiastic personality of its own. Each staff member at ICLO is a specialist in their area and the way in which we deal with clients shows how passionate we are about what we do! The environment is modern yet culturally sensitive, youthful and respectful, very knowledgeable, experienced and speak in a non-legalese way.

What does it feel like to be a client with ICLO?

We believe in going the extra mile to support our clients and get actively involved in their business objectives when we take on a client or an instruction. Once you become a client, we take on an active role as your advisor and guide you through the process in a friendly and supportive manner. We do not speak ‘legalese’ with our clients and ensure our clients are fully informed of strategy, process and costs at all times. We are transparent and upfront in our fees and clients will never receive any surprise professional fees from us.

Consultations with ICLO

If you are not certain about how to deal with a particular transaction, need advice on expanding internationally, have employee issues, want to file a police case but need more information, may have an agreement but not sure, want to incorporate a company, you can instantly schedule a consultation with a member of the ICLO team through the button below. Consultations are useful because:

1. You will receive a fair amount of information to make an informed decision on how to proceed just by paying a small, limited fee

2. No commitment to proceed further with legal action but you would have still received advice

3. You can schedule consultations over the phone, in-person or over video chat

4. It helps give you a quick overview and understanding of your legal position in any transaction or situation

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