Startups & SMEs

ICLO is the first fully licensed mainland UAE legal firm to have a department fully focussed to developing the Startups & SMEs ecosystem by providing effective, easy-to-understand legal services without designer price tags.

Our mission is to equip business to understand and mitigate legal risks so businesses become successful and thrive thus promoting the UAE ecosystem as a whole.

We support the Startup & SME ecosystem by our innovative legal offering through:

(i)  us being fully licensed and insured on mainland UAE as legal consultancy & advocacy firm, with rights of audience before UAE courts

(ii)  transparency in fees (no designer price tags)

(iii)  high quality, easy to understand, fully enforceable legal advice and documents (that can be produced in English or Arabic or French)

(iv) our ‘active and trusted’ association with a majority of quality incubators, accelerators, entrepreneurship programs and government-led initiatives in the UAE


Non-Disclosure / Confidentiality Agreement


Memorandum of Understanding


Co-Founders Agreement


Shareholders Agreement


Employment Contract


Employee Confidentiality Agreement


Nominee / Custodial Agreement


Sale and Purchase Agreement


SAFE / Convertible Note / Term Sheet


Investment Agreement


Services / Supply Agreement


Consultancy Agreement


Vendor Terms & Conditions


Purchase Order Terms & Conditions


License Agreement


End User License Agreement (EULA)


Vesting Agreement


Share Option Plan / Agreement


Share Purchase / Subscription Agreement


Web Terms & Conditions / Privacy Policy


IP Assignment Agreement


Termination / Settlement Agreement


Commercial / Retail Lease Agreement


Distribution Agreement


Reseller Agreement


Franchise / Master Development Agreement


Technology related Agreement

Structuring & Licensing

Are you thinking of incorporating a holding company and not sure where to set it up?

Do you have operations in one country and you wish to scale to other countries in the future?

Do you require advice on how to separate your assets from liabilities and not sure how to do it or why?

We work with business owners to identify current and future objectives and help create clever structures to minimize risks, meet their objectives, whilst seamlessly helping scale operations and simply be successful!

Investment / Funding

Investing into a property or Thinking of Divesting from a Business or Come across a brilliant business idea that you want to invest in? We can advise you on legal risks and create the right legal documentation for you.

We specialise in SAFE’s, Co-founder Agreements, MOUs, Term Sheets, Sale and Purchase Agreements, Investment Agreements, Asset Transfer Agreements, Joint Ventures, Share Purchase Agreements, Profit Sharing Agreements, Shareholder Agreements, Convertible Note Agreements and Subscription Agreements.

Due Diligence

ICLO investigates proposed investments and business deals. Our legal eagle minds are adept at reviewing all types of legal transactions and vetting them as safe investments.

At the end of every due diligence exercise, clients are provided with a high level or detailed due diligence report that can be comfortably relied upon in order to assess its position and make informed decisions. Clients can rely on ICLO to advise on any red-tape formalities and risks that need to be addressed prior to making a valuable investment.

Confidentiality & Restrictive Covenants

Privacy and protecting Confidential Information is so important as we move towards a tech-era. Confidentiality can be preserved through fortified confidentiality agreements and a structured environment where these are well enforceable.

You can also trust our team to advise you on all the right restrictive covenants to include that are apt for your business, including precisely the right terms that you need to protect your investments, your business secrets, your client data, prevent your competitors from accessing private information, and other similar issues.

We help you draft documents that are enforceable within the UAE which ensures your rights are well protected.

Drafting / Reviewing Legal Documentation

Thinking of pitching to investors? We can help you create a right confidentiality disclaimer to protect the information you will share with investors.

Bringing a co-founder onboard? Allow us to help you draft the right co-founder agreement instead of downloading something off the internet that is written in Victorian English.

Have a few shareholders and not sure what to sign? We work with you to define shareholder obligations vis-à-vis employee roles and create the right documents that you can enforce.

We can help you draft or review all types of legal documents for your business with trilingual capabilities in English, Arabic and French.

Employees & Consultants

If you are bringing on employees or thinking of restructuring, we specialise in drafting everything from employee confidentiality agreements, employment contracts, employee stock option plans, employment letters, company employment policies – we have experience in all of it.

We can also provide you general consultations on the UAE Labour Law and practices or assist you in preparing a labour guide for your business.

We also run regular information sessions for businesses on protecting their confidential information and teach employees the value of privacy of information and repercussions for breach.


Corporate Services

These ongoing services are needed on day-today basis to comply with applicable laws and regulations in UAE Mainland, Free Zones and Financial Centers.

These service include indicatively: Amendment of Articles of Association, nomination and replacement of Directors, designation of authorized signatory, shares allotment and transfer, auditor appointment, adding/modifying business activity, modification of trade name and address etc 

Trade Mark, Patent, Copyright Registration

Intellectual Property is perhaps the most valuable intangible asset a business can have. When you have an intellectual property right you have to register it to have full legal protection against duplicators.

If you don’t register your trade mark, patent or copyright and a bad faith competitor do it before you, you will have to prove that it is yours. The registration will protect your business growth and the procedure is easier than what you think. Intellectual Property rights including trade secrets can also be protected using  the right contractual documentation.

Monthly Retainers

Save yourself the hassle and cost of appointing in-house counsel or appointing expensive traditional law firms and Use our Outsourced Legal Services instead that are chargeable as monthly retainers. Our clients that use this service Save Costs and Increase Business Efficiency, instantly.

If you are too busy running your business and have no time to look at contracts or assess legal risks in transactions, we are happy to do this for you at a fixed monthly fee. We review your business processes, create and amend documents as required, negotiate deals, assess and alleviate legal risks.

Influencers, Celebrities & Jet-Setters

We work with Blue Blooded Royalty, Star-Studded Celebrities, shiny Social Media Influencers (local and international) and international Jet-Setters. We provide a ‘Diamond’ Level of Service to these clients. If you belong to one of these categories and have zero time to waste, you need advisors who ‘Think-Outside-The-Boring’ and are on call for you 24/7, you need to contact us immediately. We have worked on the quirkiest of investments, bedazzled contracts for brand ambassadors, negotiated complex deals for influencers and managed to terminate exclusive arrangements with little or no damage. Send us a message on how you can be part of our exclusive ‘Diamond’ clientele.

General Legal Consultancy

We provide General Legal Advice on all types of commercial transactions or investments of any size. If you are worried how to enforce an agreement, stressed about protecting your contractual rights, have employee issues, not sure how to claim your rights as an investor or any similar legal issues, you can easily schedule a consultation with our friendly legal advisors at ICLO where we can discuss the issues that you have and you can then take an informed decision moving forward.