Key Transactions 

We have stories to tell and the list is inexhaustive at best.
Here is a compilation of some success stories and key transactions
we have accomplished over the years that we are very proud of.

– Real Estate:

Reviewing the Decision no11 of the year 2014 issued by the Department of Municipal Affairs (DMA) related to the Lease Contract in Abu Dhabi.

 – Administrative Law:

Reviewing the New Abu Dhabi Human Resources Law Draft.

– Administrative Law:

Advising on the legal conditions for Abu Dhabi Government Employees to Act as Experts in Abu Dhabi Courts as Arbitrators.

 – Arbitration:

Objecting successfully on the Jurisdictional competence of the International Arbitration Court of the ICC (Paris) regarding arbitration between two locale construction developers.

– Arbitration:

Advising on the first Abu Dhabi Commercial Conciliation and Arbitration Centre (ADCCAC) arbitration to be held outside UAE (London) since its creation in 1993.

– Labor Law:

Representing a group of international Expats terminated by an International Bank based in Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC).

– FIDIC Contracts:

ICLO won in Abu Dhabi Courts February 2015 an important construction case amounting to AED 8 million.

– Information Technologies:

Advising a local IT company on the creation of a Branch in India to develop Smart Applications.

– International Contracts:

Assisting a branch of a GCC company based in UAE in a default delivery case by a contracting party based in Monaco.

– International Contracts:

Advising local Clients in an issue with a Company in Mexico.

– Intellectual Property:

Advising a Saudi Equipments Company in the registration of its trade mark in UAE after the opposition of one of the biggest Petroleum companies worldwide.

– International Protocols:

Reviewing more than 30 bilingual Cooperation Protocols signed by The Municipalities of Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Al Dhafra with their counterparts worldwide.

– Investment:

Reviewing a joint investment contract between a local Company and an Italian Investor to create a high standing Restaurant in Abu Dhabi.

– International Acquisition:

Advising a local company in the Acquisition of a Greek IT Company specialized in Hospitality Software.

– Legislation:

Drafting the Executive Regulations of the First UAE Expropriation Law (Law no 11 of 2013) for the Government of Abu Dhabi.

– Legislation:

Reviewing the UAE Anti-Commercial Fraud Law Draft.

Criminal Law:

Bounced Cheque – Our client issued a bounced cheque as a guaranty. We argued before Abu Dhabi Court that the suspensive condition deprives the crime The crime of issuing a check without balance from one of its major conditions. The court of cassation ruled in favor of this argumentation. (Abu Dhabi 317/2016). 

– Oil and Gas Law:

Advising a Local Company in its difference with an International Italian Oil Company regarding a contract to be executed in Algeria.

– Policies:

Drafting a Proposal on Rent Index Ration for the Government of Abu Dhabi based on the comparison of the best practices worldwide and the proposal of an innovative multi-criteria system.

– Policies:

Advising Abu Dhabi Department of Municipal Affairs (DMA) about the Land allocation in Abu Dhabi to the Economic Development Projects to meet the targets of the Vision 2030.

Regulation :

Compliance Policy of the Law No. 3 of 2015 on the Regulation of Real Estate Sector in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and its Executive Regulations.


New Construction Law expected to replace the Law no (4) of 1983 regulation Construction Works in Abu Dhabi regulating the introduction of the Artificial Intelligence in buildings’ construction including the intelligent building systems and industrial intelligence techniques as 3D design and construction modeling and 3D printed buildings. The law will regulate the performance of the tasks of evaluating, licensing or rejecting the license of these systems after determining their suitability to the requirements of the urban plans and their ability to connect to the service networks and the availability of maintenance and warranty inside the country and conformity with safety requirements in accordance with the regulations and procedures specified by the Regulations.


Robotics – Our client provided a public entity with advanced automated robotic solutions for its parking but the contract was terminated abusively. Abu Dhabi Court ruled in favor of our client and provided him with a fair compensation. (Abu Dhabi Court 2306/2018).


ICC award annulment – Our client is an IT Indian company that won a n ICC arbitration seated in DIFC and challenged before Dubai Courts by defendant in arbitration. Dubai Courts applied the new arbitration law no 6 of 2018 promptly and rejected the annulment for lack of jurisdiction. (Dubai Court 6/2018).


Advising Abu Dhabi Urban Planning and Municipalities Department on regulating the implementation of the Smart Construction Committee that will license the smart construction technologies and order the processing of the needed technical tests and examinations inside UAE or abroad.


Setting up a UAE branch in Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) of a leading defense French group dealing with the advanced applications of artificial intelligence and robotics.


Supporting a cryptocurrency exchange Chinese company in its expansion in UAE market

Labor Law:

Non-competition clause – Our client is a large catering company in Abu Dhabi that employed a chef with a non-competition clause. The employee resigned and joined a competitor. It was argued before the Abu Dhabi court that the recipe and specific flavor shared with the new employer, harmed the ex-employer and impacted the client’s flow. Consequently, the court and annulled the new employment contract. (Abu Dhabi Court 315/2019).

Criminal Law:

drug – our client was referred by prosecutor to the court for drugs consumption. We argued that the case was initiated by an authority that is not entrusted by law to pursue him. The Court accepted our defense and innocent our client (Abu Dhabi Court 5771/2019).

Agency Law:

Or client is the commercial agent of three Japanese companies that developed popular appliances, one of the agents terminated abusively the agency contract. We argued before UAE federal Court that that the termination of the agency should be done the three agents jointly. The decision of the Ministry of Economy to validate the termination of the agency was infirmed by the UAE Supreme Court for non-conformity with the formal requirements of the Agency Law. (UAE Federal Court 154/2019).

Civil Law:

Real Estate – Our client is a local owner that acquired a real estate but didn’t registered it for more than three decades. The descendent of the former landlord contested the transfer of the property. We argued before court the validity and enforceability of the contract of sale based on the non-retroactivity of the public order regulation limiting the transfer of property. (Abu Dhabi 56/2020).