”Creativity is the quality that you bring to the activity that you are doing. It is an attitude, an inner approach – how you look at things . . . Whatsoever you do, if you do it joyfully, if you do it lovingly, if your act of doing is not purely economical, then it is creative.” – Osho

Zaynab joined ICLO in 2014 and is an active, senior counsel being involved in corporate matters and arbitration. She acts as counsel in ad-hoc proceedings and in arbitration proceedings conducted under various arbitral rules.

“ICLO is a place where I can express my creativity, share my values and grow on both personal and professional levels.”

Zaynab Penot graduated with a Master degree in International Business Law from Liverpool University in United Kingdom and a further Master degree in International Arbitration from Sorbonne University in Paris. She is admitted as a lawyer to the Paris Bar in 2013 and as solicitor for England & Wales in 2018.

She has acquired valuable experience in French & Qatari law firms and in the Commercial Conciliation & Arbitration Center of the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce (ADCCAC).